During this day in age a ton of people have started coming to the decision that it would be best to have their cats spayed and neutered. This is because true cat owners are finding out that by doing so they are allowing their cats a ton of benefits. This article discusses the advantages in addition to answering the most commonly asked questions on the topic. However, if some of your questions have not been answered in the article it is best to contact your veterinarian.

One thing that should be addressed first is the fact that it is a myth that spaying or neutering a cat causes them to become fat and lazy. Instead by having one of the procedures performed you are actually changing the cat’s metabolism. This procedure actually will cause your cat to eat less which in return will save you money when it comes to saving money on food as well as your annual licensing fees. It is a fact that it is cheaper to license a spayed or neutered cat.



Female cats that are in heat are known to defecate in inappropriate places and be very loud late at night which attracts bothersome male cats that can be noisy also.
Pregnant females eat more food not only when they are pregnant but when they are taking care of their offspring also.

Kittens take up a lot of time and are also very expensive to raise. Even if you plan on putting them up for adoption you are still going to have to spend money on their food, vaccinations, advertising, interviewing, and worming.



Male cats that have been neutered are at a lesser risk of suffering from disorders that deal with their reproductive glands and kidneys.

Male cats that have not been neutered are known for spraying urine both inside and outside of the home to mark their territory. Additionally, the odor that it leaves behind is not very pleasant yet can be avoided if they are natured at a young age.


Common Spaying and Neutering Questions

Is there a problem with pets being overpopulated?

Yes. In general there are currently more pets being born than there are homes for them to live in. Currently, in the United States over ten millions cats and dogs are put to death in animal shelters because no one wants to provide them with a home. Furthermore, many of these animals are not old, sick, unfriendly, or injured. Instead they are young, attractive, healthy, friendly, and playful animals. However, there are no figures available to date on the exact figures. Due to this information it is encouraged for pet owners to have their pets spayed or neutered.

What exactly is spaying and neutering?

Female cats are spayed while male cats undergo a procedure known as neutering. Both procedures eliminate the animals from being able to reproduce. Spaying involves the uterus and ovaries being surgically removed while neutering involves the testicles being surgically removed. However, both operations are safe and the animals are under general anesthesia so they feel no pain. Not to mention the fact that they are usually back to themselves within just one day of the procedure.

Are there any benefits of spaying or neutering your pet?

Spayed and neutered pets do not get distracted due to sexual instincts. This makes them better towards family members. Additionally, this eliminates roaming the streets because they will have no need to look for a mate. Furthermore, it cuts back on the cat fights that they may get into as well which saves owners money that they would have to spend at the veterinary to have their injuries looked at.

Is neutering expensive?

Prices vary depending on where you go however many veterinarians are for the procedures so they try to make them affordable. Additionally, it is good to check around and get multiple quotes before making your choice. Also, you will want to remember that this is something that you will pay for once and it will save you a ton of other money in the long run.

How long do the procedures last?

Many clinics and veterinary hospitals are able to perform the procedure in one day. However, as mentioned previously when you do this you will be saving yourself a ton of money in the future not to mention you will be saving yourself time as well.

Will the procedure affect my cat’s personality?

Most pet owners say they have noticed no changes at all in their cat’s personality. Those who do notice changes say that it was for the best due to the fact that their cat became more affectionate and attentive.

My cat never leaves outside of the yard. Should it still be neutered or spayed?

Accidents can happen at any given moment. Your cat does not have to leave the yard because other interested cats will enter your yard to get what they want. Not to mention the fact that when cats have been spayed or neutered they are said to become calmer which makes them easier to care for and they are more attentive. Spaying or neutering your cat will make both your and your cat’s life even more pleasant than it already is.

I am capable of finding a good home for kittens in my cat’s litter.

Most of the animals in the animal shelters are there because their owners though the same thing. It is a pick and chooses game you can never be 100% positive that you will find a home for all of your cat’s kittens.

My children need to experience the birthing miracle

Television and libraries offer the perfect birthing miracle experience to inform your children about animal reproductions.

I want to make money off of my pure breed

If you are not a professional breeder who has years of experience under your belt you are not going to make a lot of money if any at all.

Do pets become too be neutered or spayed?

Mature cats can benefit from having the procedure performed as well. Not to mention the fact that it is perfectly safe for them to have it performed and it is something that takes place every day. Additionally, you will know if your cat does not qualify by the exam that is performed by the veterinarian or spay/neuter clinic.