What many people do not understand that there is a difference when it comes to what a reputable breeder is and a kitten producer. For example, you should be concerned when purchasing a kitten as to whether or not the person actually has any interest towards the breed, the type of breeding program they use, their fellow breeders, their prices, and even what type of cats/kittens they are having purchased.

Reputable Devon Rex breeders can be easily spotted because they invest a lot of time and money to insure that the breed has everything that is in its best interest as well as in the best interest of others who will be around the cats. They will stop at nothing that is less than perfect while a kitten producer is simply just in the trade for the money.

Kitten producers can also be easy spotted out of the crowd as well. This is because they are willing to sell their kittens to anyone who has the money where a reputable breeder is going to make sure that they screen any of the potential buyers to insure that their kittens are going to be going to the best home possible. Additionally, when thinking of purchasing a kitten/cat you are going to find out that direct contact is something that is a requirement. Furthermore, reputable breeders are very helpful throughout the entire process even when it comes to choosing the correct one that meets you family’s lifestyle, personality, expectations, and more. This is why they make you go through the screening process so they can not only insure that their furry friend is going to a good home but so they can also make sure that you understand what will be required of you as a kitten/cat owner.

Reputable breeders are always interested in their pedigree which means that their breed’s standards are always on their mind and their ultimate goal is excellence. Not to mention the fact that because they do have goals in place they would never even think once about breeding without knowing about the pedigrees and additionally having the papers to back up any information required. Furthermore, reputable breeders always have papers showing that they are the owner of the breed and they are always willing to educate potential buyers about the breed while enhancing their knowledge on the breed as well. Additionally, you will find that the reputable breeders also have no problems at all when it comes to allowing visits with the kittens in their environment when it is a safe time to do so. However, when dealing with a kitten producer they will always seem to have an excuse as to why it is best to meet outside of the kitten’s environment.

Reputable Devon Rex breeders are going to require contracts as well which include a section that states in the event that the buyer cannot keep the kittens/cats they should be returned back to them. This is something that shows that they always want to be held responsible. Additionally, when you are purchasing the cats/kittens they will be handing over their health records, pedigrees, and care information. Not to mention the fact that even after the purchase is complete they will always be open to any questions and concerns you may have at a later time.

When you come across a reputable breeder you will be able to see so because they will be excited about learning more about the breed and will be informed about all of the breed clubs, cat shows, and seminars that are taking place within the area. Additionally, they have no problem taking advantage of any of the available resources that they have before them. Not to mention the fact that they actually live with their kittens/cats. Lastly, they find it very good to be able to participate in activities with other breeders so they can compare breeds and expand their education even more.


Overall, reputable breeders understand that it is possible for thing to come about unexpectedly yet in the event that they do they always try to come up with a fair solution for everyone. You never have to worry about them abandoning any situation.