The price of a Devon Rex is going to vary based on the breeder. Some breeders sell their kittens at four months spayed and neutered which affects the cost. Not to mention the fact that they should already have their vaccinations including their rabies shots. They should have tested negative for FeLV/FIV and they should also have been wormed. Furthermore, you can expect to pay more if they come with a receiving blanket, carrier, toys, food, and a Kitten Baby Book.
Quality -The Devon Rex breed is very rare so that makes them pricier than some of the other cat breed. Usually, their adoption fees begin at $800.

Show Quality Spayed and neutered show cats are sold at various prices based on the quality they show. However, when it comes to their final development nothing can ever be certain. So, before you think about purchasing a show kitten you will want to make sure that you have researched the breed and know what to look for when you go to meet with your potential new cat.

Why are some Devon Rex kittens sold for cheaper Prices?

Breeders who sell Devon Rex kittens at five or six weeks of age usually sell them for about $350 yet this is not a deal because they have no vaccinations and they are losing immunity by being cut off from their moms milk. Additionally, they are more likely to catch any and all diseases. It is not recommended for anyone to sell a Devon Rex until they have had their rabies shots.

Buying a cheap kitten may seem as though you are lucking up but in reality it is dangerous for not only the kitten but for you as well. Not to mention the fact that it is important that kittens get their socialization and other cat communication skills from their moms. It is not suggested that a kitten leaves the cattery until they are at least three month old.