Cats love their food to be a temperature that you would find to col to enjoy when it is labeled as warm food. However, when it is labeled cold food they perfect it to be warm. So, the safest option is to always serve them lukewarm food. Additionally, when they are eating see how they react to the food. Make sure that the food you are feeding them does not cause them to itch or become constipated. Furthermore, it is important to introduce new foods one at a time and make sure that they try it for a week before introducing something new.

After they have been introduced to the food and react well you can then start feeding it to them as treats. However, be sure to mix it up so they are used to a variety of different foods and do not become picky eaters. Additionally, make sure that you eat healthy yourself because they learn how to eat properly based on what they see you do.

Can my kitten have anything other than dry cat food?

If you have a kitten for a personal pet you can feed it two varied treats a day in addition to the dry food to make sure that their weight level stays constant. However, each kitten is going to differ when it comes to how much dry food they are going to need.

When it comes to treats you could consider giving them a small chunk of cooked chicken, steak, or turkey in tiny bites. Additionally, you also have the option of giving them a rounded tablespoon of some type of vegetable such as green beans, squash, pumpkin, peas, or carrots. Alternatively, another treat option could be melon, apple, or peaches cut into small bites.

Overall, you will want to make sure that you stay away from anything that contains onions, however, because this is very bad for cats. Additionally, also stay away from anything that has citrus fruits or is highly acidic. Cats have their way of making their own vitamin C so they have no purpose for those foods.

Furthermore, most of them do not like them. Lastly, unless you want them to have terrible gas, you will also avoid giving them cabbage, dried beans, peppers, and broccoli.
Some cats have even known to be allergic to corn and fish so that is something to keep in mind. Not to mention wheat allergies are also common among some cats. Spicy foods are also something that is never considered to be a good idea either.


Treats should be used on regular basics so your pal can have something to look forward to each day. Many owners find that the early mornings and late evenings are the perfect treat giving times. You should never give them at meal time and you should never give your cat your own food because you will be encouraging them to beg.