The Devon Rex originates from Buckfastleigh, Devon, England from an abandoned tin mine. They were first spotted back in 1960 when Miss Beryl Cox’s cat had a litter of kittens by a feral tom. More specifically one of the new kittens came out a brownish-black color that looked just like the feral tom.

This male kitten was known by the name of Kirlee. Astonished with what her cat had created Miss Beryl Cox decided to write Brian Sterling-Webb to see if her cat qualified for one of their programs. However, at the time there was no such program available for Kirlee due to the fact that he did not quite fit in to any of the other already established cat breeds. Soon breeders became interested in this newly discovered breed and they made it their business to come up with a program so they could conserve the gene.

Kirlee is considered to be the ancestor to all of the Devon Rex’s and he lived until 1970 due to being killed during a car accident.