Many times when you are looking to adopt a Devon Rex you will find that you will be added to a waiting list due to the fact that the breed is very rare. Not to mention the fact that there are not a lot of breeders available for this breed in general. Your local breeder options will be able to be located on personal cattery websites, cattery listing services, and even in popular cat magazines.

Sometimes Devon Rex breeders can be found in the newspapers yet usually they are not any good.

When making the initial contact with a breeder you will want to make sure you tell them as much as you can about yourself to insure that they match you with the best kitten. Additionally, commonly, the breeder is going to want to know who you are before they allow you to adopt. This is normal because they have been around these kittens since birth and it would be not be normal if they had not become attached to them themselves and want a good home for them.

How much does it cost to ship a Devon Rex Kitten?

Shipping is going to vary based on the airline and how far the kitten has to travel however usually it runs between $150 and $250. Some breeders charge additionally fees for shipping crates, health certificates, vaccinations, and even transporting them to the airport, however. So, on average you can expect to pay about $250 in shipping costs.

How do I know the kitten and I will get along if it is being shipped?

The Rex breed happens to be one of the breeds that are very friendly when it comes to interacting with humans. So, you should have no doubts at all as to whether or not your new family member will like you because they will be more than willing to become attached to you.

When first arriving they will adapt easily to their new environment and home but they may cry when they are not getting any attention because they will wonder where their litter mates are. However, this phase should last no more than a couple of weeks.

Kittens are easily able to pick up the personality type of their owners/family. With that being said you can expect for your kitten to have a personality type that is very similar to that of yourself as well as the other members in the household.

When a kitten is being shipped usually the supplier is going to try to insure that the personality of the family is similar to that of the kitten. For example, outgoing kittens will go to families who are looking for a bold kitty and reserved kittens will go to families who are looking for more gentle companions. However, as mentioned previously, the kitten is going to adapt to your families personality when they arrive either way.

In the event that you want a kitten that is the perfect fit for you it is recommended for you to come in and choose your own kitten. You may have to spend a little extra money to find the perfect heart kitty but it is well worth the expenses.