Devon Rex’s are known for being very active. Many owners characterize them as being clowns. They love a lot of attention, play time and cuddling. Also, they do require deep relationships with their human companions.

You should be prepared to have them follow you around everywhere that you go and they do not like to feel left out. Additionally, when they are happy it is not uncommon for them to wag their tails. Furthermore, some of them even enjoy a friendly game of fetch.

If you were thinking that they would just blend into the background of your home you will not want to adopt a cat from this breed because you are not going to be able to ignore them. Instead they need to be treated like a close friend.

But, Devon Rex’s vary depending on their personality. Some of them are great with children while others are suitable for adults. However, your breeder should be able to inform you which of the kittens will be a match for your children. But, at the same time your child has to be compatible with the Devon Rex breed as well. They should have the following characteristics: gentle, of age to understand how to control their actions, interested in the well-being of the pet, loving, willing to learn how to properly treat a pet ,and playful but not edgy.