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devonrex-catThe Devon Rex ranges in size – small to medium – and has a very muscular physique that is covered in shirt velvety hair that has ripples throughout it. Many people refer to them as Gremlins due to the fact that they have waif-like tousled curls while others say they remind them of Little Orphan Annie’s hair.The Devon Rex is a cat that is known for their impish looks and accompanying mischievous personality. They have a large set of ears that are hung low and big impish eyes that are inside of their head that is accompanied by high cheek bones and short muzzles.

The Devon Rex breed is said to be very intelligent yet they are also very mischievous as well as active. Any owner will also tell you that they love to play all the time and they will leave know spot in your home unknown to them.

Not to mention the fact that they are excellent jumpers and it is not uncommon to find them on the top of your door or even climbing somewhere that they may have just noticed. Additionally, the Devon Rex is very good when around people so you should always be prepared to have company.

They especially enjoy sitting on your shoulder when you are cooking because they really enjoy eating. Furthermore, you will find that they enjoy curling in your lap while you read and they even get under the covers with you a night when it is time for bed. Another good quality of the Devon Rex is they are not big talkers but they do chirp when they want you to look at something that has caught their attention. So, as you may have imagined since they love interacting so much it is never a good idea to leave them alone for an extended amount of time because when you come back your house may not be in the best shape because they tend to destroy things whenever they become bored.

Lastly, you can leave these felines among your children because they are great with them which make them the perfect pet for families.


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  • Devon Rex History

    Devon Rex History

    The Devon Rex originates from Buckfastleigh, Devon, England from an abandoned tin mine. They were first spotted back in 1960 when Miss Beryl Cox’s cat had a litter of kittens by a feral tom. More specifically one of the new kittens came out a brownish-black...







  • Devon Rex Traits

    Devon Rex Traits

    The Devon Rex is characterized by their muscular builds and mid sizes. They usually weigh about six to nine pounds and it is common for the males to weigh more than the females. Appearance wise you will notice that they have soft, short, curly coats...

  • Spaying and Neutering

    Spaying and Neutering

    During this day in age a ton of people have started coming to the decision that it would be best to have their cats spayed and neutered. This is because true cat owners are finding out that by doing so they are allowing their cats...

  • Feeding Your Devon rex

    Feeding Your Devon rex

    Cats love their food to be a temperature that you would find to col to enjoy when it is labeled as warm food. However, when it is labeled cold food they perfect it to be warm. So, the safest option is to always serve them...

  • Are Devon Rex good with children?

    Are Devon Rex good with children?

    Devon Rex’s are known for being very active. Many owners characterize them as being clowns. They love a lot of attention, play time and cuddling. Also, they do require deep relationships with their human companions. You should be prepared to have them follow you around...

  • Finding a reputable Devon Rex breeder

    Finding a reputable Devon Rex breeder

    What many people do not understand that there is a difference when it comes to what a reputable breeder is and a kitten producer. For example, you should be concerned when purchasing a kitten as to whether or not the person actually has any interest...

  • How Much Do Devon Rex Cost?

    How Much Do Devon Rex Cost?

    The price of a Devon Rex is going to vary based on the breeder. Some breeders sell their kittens at four months spayed and neutered which affects the cost. Not to mention the fact that they should already have their vaccinations including their rabies shots....





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